CDC Routine Care Guidelines During COVID19

The American Dental Association (ADA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend routine dental care during COVID19 when the proper protocols are being followed. These protocols include the new PPE guidelines and office guidelines as well as screening of patients and the dental Team.

The dental team is well trained to manage Patients with medical issues and we have now implemented our new COVID19 protocols set forth by the CDC and ADA. The World Health Organization (WHO) put forth guidelines to delay dental care in areas of a COVID outbreak and where proper guidelines cannot be followed. This is not the case at our office in San Francisco, CA and many offices around the country.

We are also seeing there are increased hospitalizations and death in COVID patients with periodontal disease. Patients with Periodontal disease have inflammatory cells called Interluken – 6 produced from a bacteria called P- Gingivalis. These Interluken -6 cells cells goto

The lungs , heart, blood vessels and other organs. These inflammatory cells cause a COVID19 cytokine storm that attacks the body. Doing routine dental care will decrease the presence of these cells and decrease the severity of COVID if you do contract it.

We hope that you are all doing ok. We encourage you to receive your routine dental either at our office or your current dental provider.

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Dr Matthew Young

Young Dental SF Group Intro Video COVID19 June 2020
Dr Matthew Young COVID19 Swab Tst

During this COVID19 pandemic testing, social distancing and wearing a mask are essential to flatten the curve. There are reports that 30%-40% of those with an active infection are asymptotic or have very mild symptoms.

We have worked diligently to comply with the new CDC and Department of Public Health Guidelines to provide Safe Dental Care. We have been open for emergencies throughout the pandemic and are now open for all procedures. During this time we want to ensure a safe environment for you, our team and other patients.

Before scheduling an appointment, at our office, our team will go through screening questions. Our current form has nine questions. This may change over time. When you come to the office the same questions will be asked prior to your visit as well as a temperature check.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health has opened up testing to all San Francisco residents, health care workers and those that work in San Francisco. You can be tested if you are symptomatic or asymptomatic The website is www.SF.Gov/GetTestedSF. They have walk up, drive up and bike entry throughout the city. You can also visit 311.or or call 311 in your city for more information.

I took advantage of this program. It was easy to make an appointment with their online scheduler the same day. I provided my insurance information. They should do the test even if you don’t have coverage. I did the Drive up Test at the Embarcadero location. They also had a bicycle section there.

I checked the rest of the week and they have many openings. You will stay in your car. The test took under a minute. I was in line for about 15 minutes. The medical professionals taking your license/ insurance and perform the test were all great! I would highly recommend it if you are an essential worker, symptomatic, plan to have any medical/ Dental procedure done or going to see a loved one that may be at high risk or medically compromised.

You can also call directly to your physician to see if they offer the test.

The test will be ready in 1-3 days. Our goal is to have immediate in office testing to screen patients the day of their procedure. My test results came back in 36 hours. I received a secure link by text message and the results were easy to read and understand. My test results were negative. For our Team we do daily screenings and temperature checks.

Here is a video of my test and results.

We hope you are doing well and look forward to seeing you soon.

Our Contact Information:

City Test SF Website


Our office has always been on the cutting edge of Technology, Efficiency and Safety. We have been diligent with our compliance under the new COVID19 Guidelines. Dr. Sara Kayeum will discuss our use of Personal Protective Equipment that we use to protect our patients, our Team and our Providers. She will discuss proper use of KN95 Masks, Loupes, Shields, Buffont caps, gowns and gloves.

We also take our patients and Team through a screening process prior to their visits. We do require wearing a mask at the office. You will take off your mask when the clinical exam begins. This will ensure a safe environment for you and our other patients. We look forward to seeing you. Contact us at 415-392-8611, or visit our website at


Screenshot of Young Dental SF Group Patient Screening Form


Respirator Team Video

Our Team at Young Dental SF Group we have continued to follow the guidelines of the California Department of Public Health and the CDC Guidelines. Our Team had training last week for Respirator Fit Training. We did the two sessions to allow for social distancing. It was good to see our Team back again. We have been rotating shifts to provide more distancing and also doing weekly Team Zoom Calls. This was a good time to see the Team getting back together again. We also look forward to seeing you where we can provide safe and effective care.

This is one of the steps we have taken to protect our patients and Team During these challenging times. We look forward to seeing you soon.


My Quarantine Haircut

During the initial phases of the Quarantine shutdown I decided to grow facial hair and grow my hair out. Our great hair stylists have also not been able to work during this pandemic. My daughter Lily has shown great skill with crafts and cutting her dolls’ hair. This was a good opportunity to get my hair-cut and have some fun. My son Joseph was eager to show off his skills. With the CDC guidelines for facial hair and PPE respirators we work hard to stay compliant!

We do encourage you to go back to your great stylist when they are open. We need to support them through these difficult times.